Emma Fulu on feminism

Dr. Emma Fulu used to be called superwoman. She had completed her PhD, had a wonderful marriage, three gorgeous children, was a published author and travelled the world with an incredible international career. And then she broke down and burnt out. And with it, she shed the restrictive label of ‘superwoman’ and instead started to build a life and a career that allowed her to embrace her best, imperfect, complicated and wonderful self and be the best for those she loved, while doing the work she loves.
She is the Founder of The Equality Institute – an organisation that works to advance gender equality and prevent violence against women. She is a feminist and activist and she shares her story with feminism and why it’s so important in creating a world that benefits everyone.
Visit The Equality Institute here: http://www.equalityinstitute.org/
Read Emma’s blog, I am not superwoman, here: http://www.iamnotsuperwoman.com.au/