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Seeking refuge: Stories of refugee women

Seeking asylum is a human right. No matter our differences, all people deserve to live safely, free from violence and harm. In Australian media, and disappointingly from the mouths of politicians, language and certain words are used to dehumanise refugees. In response to this, her words shares the rarely heard perspectives of four women - Ayan Shirwa, Fadak Alfayadh, Akuol Garang and Nayran Tabiei.

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Where do I belong? Am I here or am I there? Akuol Garang on seeking refuge in Australia

More than twenty years ago, Akuol Garang’s family fled Sudan to escape the war and made the long walk to Ethiopia. That walk took them about a month, and at the time, Akuol's mother was nine months pregnant with her. She gave birth during that walk, and they then safely made it to Kenya where Akuol spent the first eleven years of her life growing up in a refugee camp.

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