Meet the her words team - Francisca Gross


If you’ve ever taken a moment to appreciate the her words logo, merch or general aesthetic (and we sure have!) it’s about time we introduced you to the person behind it all - our very own Francisca Gross! Every month we like to put one of our hardworking team members into the spotlight, and we were so excited to take some time to talk to Francisca about her graphic design career, feminism and of course, Lisa Simpson!

Name: Francisca

Star sign: Cancer. I’m 100% the emotional, sensitive mess all the astrology memes say I am.

Currently eating: Dark chocolate, always

Currently listening to: The Male Gayz podcast.

Currently watching/ reading: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina <3 /  The Lady and the Little Fox Fur by Violette Leduc

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

To quote Lisa Simpson, “My interests include music, science, justice, animals, shapes, feelings”.

To not quote Lisa Simpson, I am a peanut butter addict most likely found in a pair of Converse, drawing flowers.

What has been your role at her words? How would you describe what you do?

As a graphic designer for her words, my main role has been to visually bring the her words message and language to life. This means working on the logo and brand identity of her words, as well as all the fun stickers, postcards and merch used at events. It’s been a dream come true to design for her words, which has been a true marriage of my personal values and visual aesthetic!

What other work do you do? How can people find out more about you and follow your work/talents?

I work as a graphic designer at kikki.K, designing tasty stationery. In my spare time I take on other small freelance jobs, where I love doing branding and illustration. You can check out my portfolio here or follow along on my increasingly neglected instagram @frannyy.g

Why do you believe it’s important to share women’s stories? What does her words mean to you?

Because representation matters! Women need to see themselves and their diverse stories represented and reflected in the media. her words has opened my eyes and heart to the experiences of others in a very intimate and honest way, which unfortunately we don’t often get to see.

What does feminism mean to you? Is it something you’ve always felt aligned with or did you identify with it later in life?

I think in my youth I aligned myself with a very internalised, textbook version of white feminism. As my world has gotten bigger, dismantling the patriarchy means I need to question and interrupt the structures and protections I benefit from as a cis-white female. I have SO MUCH work to do.

Who are some of the women who’ve inspired you along the way?

I’ve mostly been inspired by women in my personal circle, they show me what’s possible in a very real, non-filtered way, and make me want to be a better human. Whether its playing in a hardcore band or leading a camp for LGBTIQA youth - I truly have some amazing, talented and caring women in my life.

What are you most proud of?

Becoming more and more myself with every passing day.

What’s one thing you believe each person could do to contribute to greater equality in Australia and beyond?

Check your privilege (and then work toward dismantling the systems that uphold it)

What are you looking forward to right now?

Practicing skateboarding - I started learning a few months ago and it’s been equally intimidating and physically painful as it is rewarding. I remember watching a TED talk of Nina Moran from Skate Kitchen where she describes the feeling of skateboarding as flying on her witches’ broom, and that notion has really stuck with me! I think it’s an exciting time to start skateboarding, there are so many female and non-binary skate collectives popping up and interrupting a very bro-oriented culture!

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