Meet the her words team - Anushka Batu

Photo by    Nikita Naik

Photo by Nikita Naik

her words is brought to life by a brilliant team of creatives who make everything we do possible. Every month we are putting one of our team members in the spotlight, to talk about what they do, why they do it, and of course, their feelings about feminism! This month we’re chatting with our digital marketing queen Anushka Batu about her three degrees, growing up bicultural, and self-identifying as a news junkie!

Name: Anushka Batu

Star sign: Aries

Currently eating: Tim Tams

Currently listening to: Chelsea Jade

Currently watching/reading: Watching: Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown on Netflix.

          Reading: Yes We (Still) Can Politics In The Age of Obama, Twitter, And Trump.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand I moved to Melbourne in 2017. I am passionate about human rights and world affairs. I studied a lot (3 degrees), I get very excited over film and TV, a self confessed news junkie - I usually find myself watching a lot of cable news (but I am thankfully not doing a lot of that these days).

What has been your role at her words? How would you describe what you do?

My role is digital marketing assistant which involves a number of responsibilities; I write emails, transcribe interviews, create surveys, and do a little research. Having undergone a career transition - I am constantly learning and wanting to apply my growing expertise to see that her words soars!

What other work do you do? How can people find out more about you and follow your work/talents?

Outside of her words, I can be found at the start up Mentorloop where I work in customer success and marketing. I am also part of the Young Professionals Forum at the Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria. I can be found on both Twitter and Instagram @nushyb.

Why do you believe it’s important to share women’s stories? What does her words mean to you?

her words means that I am not alone, hearing these incredible women's stories has been so powerful. There is so much power in vulnerability and I am in awe of the women who have shared their stories with us. her words also means support and community - I feel so grateful to work with these incredible women.  I feel incredibly lucky to get to spend time with them, and learn from them.

What does feminism mean to you? Is it something you’ve always felt aligned with or did you identify with it later in life?

It means equality, it means connection with other women, it also means acknowledging and respecting that every woman goes through a different journey. I didn’t really know what feminism meant for long time, I think earlier in my teens I saw the word feminism having negative connotations associated with it, but that changed quickly as I entered my twenties.

Who are some of the women who’ve inspired you along the way?

  • My mum

  • My grandmothers (they were so boss).

  • My nearest and dearest friends back in NZ and here in Melbourne. I’m so lucky to have such an incredible group of supportive women in my lives.  

  • When I think of public figures that have inspired me I think - Michelle Obama, Mindy Kaling, Malala Yousafzai, Gina Rodriguez, Jacinda Ardern.

What do you struggle with most as a woman?

Self love, especially with reference to body positivity - for years I hated my body and only now at 28 am I starting to appreciate it more and be more kind to myself, but it's still a struggle.

What are you most proud of?

  • My resilience and perseverance.

  • That I have a freaking masters degree.

  • I am proud that I am a New Zealander, I am proud that I am Sri Lankan. I am a product of biculturalism and given recent discourse on the merits of biculturalism/multiculturalism in the media, I think it's so important to let that pride I have in my identity be known.

What’s one thing you believe each person could do to contribute to greater equality in Australia and beyond?

Listen, learn and support one another, be an ally to all those who are marginalised.   

What are you looking forward to right now?

  • Continuing to connect with super cool humans.

  • Growing my curious mind through work and life.

  • Sri Lanka this month!

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