The Power of Conversation - a her words Salon Dinner

Photos by Laura Du Ve

Photos by Laura Du Ve

A couple of weeks ago, we held our first her words salon dinner. Nervous but excited, we gathered on a chilly winter evening at Tiggy Café to listen to the words of our guest of honour Grace Dlabik, founder of Gidi Creative and Be Collective, and share our own stories. We wanted the night to be about the power we all have in starting conversations and using communication to create change, and over the course of the evening we were treated to Grace’s insights, a delicious meal by chef Ella Mittas, and plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings as total strangers forged new friendships. We asked some of our dinner guests to share their impressions of the night – thank you so much to everyone who came to share this evening with us! We can’t wait for the next one.

All photos by Laura Du Ve. 


"The set up was so beautifully thought out! The attention to detail - flowers, candles, little trinkets at the table, it really helped make the night feel magical" - Alayna

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"I loved the relaxed but intimate nature of the dinner. It really promoted discussion." - Natalie

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"I learned that everything happens for a reason and to keep believing in yourself and what you want because everything turns out the way it should. You go through the ebbs and flows of life to make you stronger, wiser and ready for whatever life may present to you!" - Elisa

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"I learnt that I am not alone in my feelings of feeling isolated and let down by the patriarchy. It was so refreshing (though also sad) to hear familiar stories of the relationships we have with men (familial, platonic, and romantic) are often debilitating and that our emotional labour is taken for granted or dismissed. The sense of community was so beautiful that evening and I cannot wait to attend more her words events to meet the other wonderful women in Melbourne dedicated to having diverse voices heard." - Mia

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Thanks so much once again to Tiggy café for hosting, Ella Mittas for her beautiful food, and Grace Dlabik for sharing her story with us. It was a magical night and we are so excited to host more events like this in the future!

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Domini Marshall